Celebration Sunday Worship Service

November 18, 2018

New Life held a special worship service following a congregational dinner, featuring song, dance, and entertainment.

Video credit: Ed Spector

Deferred Maintenance

November 18, 2018

Facility Manager Ed Spector and Assistant Directory of Youth Ministry Dave Hopping explore the facility.

Video credit: Hudson Marsh

Mark Moser

October 28, 2018

Pastor Mark Moser discusses certain needs.

Video credit: Jim Ingalls

Marc Davis

October 28, 2018

Associate Pastor Marc Davis reflects on what it means to be hospitable and welcoming to outsiders.

Video credit: Jim Ingalls

The Next 30 Years

October 21, 2018

See how our focus on outside missions contributed to a building in a growing state of disrepair.

Video credit: Hudson Marsh
Historical photos archives: Ed Spector

A Vision for the Next 30 Years

April 29, 2018

New Life pastors and staff present a vision for what the next thirty years of ministry might require of our congregation and facility.

What's next?

Consider a commitment to the next 30 years of New Life Presbyterian Church.

Commitment Sunday was on November 18, 2018, capping off a month-long season of dedicated prayer and reflection.  However, we continue to pray for how God will use us for his purpose, and for the future of our church here in Glenside.

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