Pledging to the Capital Campaign

Pledge Information

  • Information packets were distributed after each service on 10/21.
  • Information packets were mailed on 10/23 to anyone who did not turn in a ticket that was in the Sunday bulletin.
  • Pledge cards with a return envelope will be sent on 11/12 with a request to return it in the offering basket on Sunday 11/18 or mail it in to be received by 11/18.

Pledge cards ask for your name and address and your pledge amount.  Two things you should know:

  1. Your pledged amount and actual contributions are kept secret, known only to two individuals within the church — the church administrator and the treasurer.  Neither the pastors nor session members are aware of anyone’s individual donations.
  2. The pledge card is not a legal document obligating you to pay the stated amount.  Rather, it assists the church in acquiring initial startup loans in order to begin work.  Understandably, if your financial situation changes, please let the church administrator know.

Pledge options

  • Weekly for 156 weeks
  • Monthly for 36 months
  • Annually for 3 years
  • One-time gift

How to donate

  • putting a check into the offering basket and marking it “Capital Campaign”
  • automatic payment via your own bank’s bill pay option
  • regular contribution via the “Give” link on the church website
  • we would prefer not to handle cash payments but will if required

Please make sure your pledge cards are signed, dated and returned to the church by 11/18.

Alternative Pledges

We can accept pledges of nearly anything of monetary value, from appreciated stocks, parcels of land, and other valuable items — and with certain tax advantages.  Please talk with your individual tax advisor for how to donate.

What's next?

Consider a commitment to the next 30 years of New Life Presbyterian Church.

Commitment Sunday was on November 18, 2018, capping off a month-long season of dedicated prayer and reflection.  However, we continue to pray for how God will use us for his purpose, and for the future of our church here in Glenside.

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