Celebration Service

The Celebration Service was a huge success last night!  Over 300 people were in attendance, enjoying food, fellowship, and worshiping together.

Many people played a huge part in putting it together.  To start, Jeff Frazier, along with many in the youth group provided an outstanding meal.  Sarah Morris led an amazing worship set, with Andy Collins, Dan Johnson, Luke Morris, Darryl Rearson, Steve Ritter, and Diane Wassenar providing their musical talents.  Greg Hargis and Erich Oelschlegel were in the booth running the technical side of things.

Intermixed with upbeat worship music, we also laughed at a musical parody of Toto’s Africa by Michelle Hopping and Sarah, as well as a round of “New Life Jeopardy” featuring Scott Dirksen, Rebecca Mellis, Shonn Shearlds and Jake Wassenar.

At the end, we circled around the room and prayed for our community, being sent out into our mission fields, the communities we live in.

A HUGE thanks to Michelle and Scott for putting on the event.  Check back for future updates!